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My father lost me to the beast at cards.
Theres a special madness strikes travellers from the North, when they reach the lovely land where the lemon trees grow. We come from countries of cold weather; at home, we are at war with nature but here, ah! You think you've come to the blessed plot where the lion lies down with the lamb. Everything flowers; no harsh wind stirs the voluptuous air. The sun spills fruit for you. And the deathly, sensual lethargy of the sweet South infects the starved brain; it gasps,: 'Luxury! More Luxury!' But then the snow comes, you cannot escape it, it followed us from Russia as if it ran behind our carriage, and in the dark, bitter city has caught up with us at last, flocking against the windowpanes to moc my fathers expectations of perpetual pleasure as the veins of his forehead stand out and throb, his hands shake as he deals the Devil's picture books.

I do love long sentences.
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